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Name:Magic Users Semi-Anonymous
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Community description:A place for otherkin and plural magic-users to find solace and home.
A community for magic users and former magic users in plural systems, or those who are otherkin/fictive/connected to fictives and remember magic, to discuss its impact and seek support and like company.

Many whose lives have been intimately entwined with magic hold within them experiences and needs that are unshared by most of the rest of the world. This is a place for such people to go to find solace, whether you're missing magic now that you're in this world, or you experience magic in your homeworld/otherworld and don't know who to talk to about the ramifications of that.

Support is the primary focus, but not the sole one: experiential essays are welcome here too.

This is not a pagan community or a community devoted to magic-working in this world, though interested parties who feel they have something sincere to contribute will not be turned away. Please exercise your own good judgment in deciding whether this community is for you, and respect the stories of those for whom this community was crafted.

Your moderator is [personal profile] ashestosnow, better known to some as Celes Branford-Chere.
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